KELME Meiqing Training Let teenagers live in simplicity and happiness Experience the joy brought by sports KELME is equipped with professional and high-quality equipment Supporting teenagers on the field Sweat and shine youth
In 2019, KELME became the official partner of preschool football Complete full coverage of campus football
At this point, the KELME professional football equipment has covered the stages of early childhood, primary school Middle school, university, and continuing education stages, Complete the full coverage of campus football equipment. At the same time, KELME has also completed the transition from campus football to amateur matches in the field of football Full Slam sponsorship from professional leagues to top tier venues.

The Football Association is the cradle of local football development KELME Continuously Expands the Territory of Football Sponsorship in Chinese Mainland Up to now, we have maintained strategic cooperative relationships with football associations in 19 provinces and cities Contribute to the development of local football
On July 28, 2023, the Chinese women's team participated in the World Junior High School Football Tournament
Win the championship and runner up in the league championship
KELME as the equipment sponsor of the Chinese team this time
This time, it's also a 16 year gap between Chinese teams Winning the championship of this event again
The sportsmanship of bravery, fearlessness, hard work, and upward mobility
Assisting Chinese football players throughout their journey to compete in the World Championships
Pass it on to every teenager