— Development History —

brand introduction:
KELME Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of sports goods; Organizing and hosting sports events (events); Sports venue management; A comprehensive sports industry company engaged in sports communication and other related industries.
The KELME brand originated in Spain and was founded by the Quiles brothers. It entered the Chinese market in 2014. The company's independent business scope covers the world, and Kalme independently develops, designs, manufactures, and sells KELME brand products for young people in different regions; Independently operate KELME brand construction and promotion.
Since its establishment, Calme has invested over 100 million yuan in brand building, market promotion, and store construction. In 2019, KELME
had accumulated over 300 chain direct stores, covering all first, second, and third tier cities in China, with an annual retail sales of 1 billion yuan.
In 2019, KELME
was awarded the title of Fujian Province Sports Industry Demonstration Unit
In 2021, the company was approved by the General Administration of Sport of China to become a national sports industry demonstration unit. After continuous development of the company, the layout of three characteristic industrial parks has been formed: Jinjiang Headquarters Football Industrial Park, Henan Huaxian Shoes and Clothing Intelligent Manufacturing Center, and Zhangzhou Taishang District Printing and Dyeing Intelligent Manufacturing Center. It is expected to operate and output production capacity of one billion yuan annually, establish thousands of job positions in the local area, make significant economic contributions to local tax generation, and strive to promote the prosperity of surrounding towns.

management model: 1. The business operation model centered on football and large-scale group buying, targeting government agencies, enterprises and institutions. Mainly for bulk procurement.
2. The online sales channels of e-commerce are dominated by online platforms Tmall, JD, Tiktok, small program stores, and Dewu, and have always been among the top three sales achievements of Tmall football.
3. Retail business operation model: Currently,
Kelme has over 100 brand direct stores and over 300 franchise stores nationwide. It is expected that by the end of 2024, there will be over 500 brand image stores.
4. International business sales, targeting overseas markets.

corporate culture: KELME Company Vision: Reshaping a world-class sports brand
KELME's values: passion, integrity, dedication, and dedication
KELME Mission: Leaving the never giving up spirit of sports in the footsteps of life

Corporate Honors: